LA Mold Removal Mold Testing

LA Mold Removal Mold Testing

Think you have mold?

Are seeing visual signs of mold such as black, brown, tan, green, red, orange, yellow, or even blue spots in your home near an area exposed to moisture?

Do you smell a musty mildew smell?

Has your property recently experienced water intrusion or damage?

Are you or anyone in the property experiencing symptoms associated with mold exposure?

If the answer to any of these questions is yes then you maybe in need of a mold test.


Types of Mold Tests

There are three kinds of mold tests:

  • Air Test- with the use of special equipment the concentration of mold spores in an air space are measured. This test can detect mold even if it is not visible.
  • Surface Test- with the use of swabs, tape lifting, and other methods potential mold surfaces are tested to find the amount of mold growth and spores deposited. Surface tests are effective but unlike air test the concentration of mold spores in an air space can not be measured.
  • Bulk Testing- involves collecting piece(s) of material and examining them under a microscope for mold spores. Bulk tests can determine if a mold problem is present and give an idea of the concentration of mold particles.

Surface Test

How Testing is Conducted

There are two options for mold testing:

At home mold test kit- You can purchase mold test kits at your local hardware stores or online. You collect the collect mold samples yourself and then send them to a laboratory to be examined. Typically within a few days results are in. This is a less expensive option.

Professional mold testing- a trained professional conducting testing using one of the methods listed above. Professional testing tends to be more accurate than the at home mold kits.

Where and How Much to Test

Samples are collected from the air, wall cavities, or other suspected mold infested surfaces. Each job presents its own set of variables that will influence the number of samples taken.


Is Testing Necessary?

In some cases mold testing isn’t necessary, if there is visible signs of mold there is no need to test it. The truth is that it doesn’t matter what kind of mold it is what is important is removing it. In cases where mold isn’t visible but there has been water intrusion, a mildew smell is present, or mold exposure related symptoms are experienced a mold test can confirm whether or not mold is present.


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