Emergency Water Damage Repair and Cleanup Services

Emergency Water Damage Repair and Cleanup Services

Wu’s Warehouse Leak

Two days ago, we received a call from Wu, a business owner in Long Beach, who walked into his warehouse only to discovery flooding. He called us in a panic seeking our emergency water damage repair and cleanup services. Within in an hour we were at the property and our first step was to assess the property and determine where this water was coming from and stopping it in order to avoid further damage. We discovered the water was coming from a burst pipe in a wall and we immediately shut off the water. Our plan for this water damage repair and cleanup service was to divide our team into three and target all areas at once so Wu would be able to resume with his business. As we removed Wu’s inventory and other items to prevent further damage and begin drying them out part of the team worked on drying out the warehouse. In the warehouse, we began the dry out process with the use of dehumidifiers, a HEPA 500 HEPA Air Purifiers, and both standard Typhoon 3-speed air movers and Viking PDS-21 pressurized wall drying systems to remove all present moisture. While all this was happening, our licensed plumber removed and replaced the burst pipe and checked for any other leaks. Once we ensured the warehouse was dry we treated it with Concrobium Broad Spectrum anti-microbial solution to remove mold and fungus contamination. Why? To be on the safe side, mold needs moisture to grow and given the extent of the flooding it was best to go the extra mile and ensure no mold was present. Lastly, we placed all Wu’s dry inventory and other items back in the warehouse. Two days later he is back in business and his warehouse as if the pipe had never burst.


What causes pipes to burst?

The common causes of pipes bursting are: aging, freezing, damage, water pressure, tree roots, and misuse. Despite the cause of a burst pipe the consequences tend to be costly and quite devastating.

What to do if a pipe burst in your home or business?

  • Shut off water and possibly the electricity
  • Clean up excess water
  • Remove and air out wet upholstered furniture and personal belongings.
  • Turn air conditioners on or open all doors and windows to help the dry out process
  • Call the experts! We at LA Mold Removal are known for our water damage repair and cleanup services.

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