Hollywood Hydro Jetting Services

Hollywood Hydro Jetting Services

Sunday morning, we received a call from Ann seeking our Hydro Jetting Services, the drains in her home were clogged and dirty water was coming up through the sinks, toilets, and bathtubs. Our crew members were out there within the hour to meet Ann and resolve the problem. We did a sewer camera inspection and uncovered a blockage from what appeared to be debris in the main line. Ann asked if we would be snaking the line as other plumbers had done in the past, we explained that there was new more effective technology called Hydro Jetting that we would be utilizing. Hydro Jetting is a new more effective way to clean drains. With the use of an innovative pressurized water machine that produces powerful water and stream we are able to clean and de-clog drains. We inserted the specialized hose of the Hydro Jet through the cleanout point and high-pressurized water and steam began shooting through the pipes. Within minutes the clog was removed and we performed another sewer camera inspection to demonstrate the work that was completed. Ann was pleasantly surprised at how fast and effective this method was. We often recommend this service as it is:

Cost effective: routine maintenance of a home’s drains can save hundreds and thousands in the long run. Over time gunk accumulates in drains and reduces or cuts off water flow. Begin proactive in cleaning out a property’s drains regularly can avoid permanent damage to the plumbing.

Prevent health issues: a clogged drain contains germs, promotes mold growth, and can release a foul smell into the homes atmosphere which can cause health issues ranging from itching eyes, sneezing, coughing, etc.

More efficient than snaking: the snaking method has been used to unclog drains for many years but isn’t as efficient as Hydro jetting. Keep in mind snakes can’t reach the entire drain but a Hydro Jet is able.

Avoids digging: in the past when plumbing clogs are encountered the only way to remediate the problem is to dig up the pipes. This is a costly and time-consuming approach that can be avoided.

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