Invisible Black Mold

Invisible Black Mold

Mold spores are everywhere, they are outside in the open air, in kitchens, bathrooms, sub areas, EVERYWHERE! A normal level of mold spore exposure is common. We recently got a call from Karla from Glendale, who was seeking a mold inspection after it was recommended to her by her family physician. Karla’s elderly mother Karmen had been experiencing an array of health issues ranging from irritated eyes, persistent headaches, and trouble breathing. According to Karla her mother had gone to a doctor and was told it was allergies and prescribed medication but her condition didn’t improve. In hopes to get her mother healthy once again he changed doctors, visited specialist, and she underwent multiple tests to determine what was causing her to feel this way. During one of her visits to her pulmonary doctor it was suggested s mold test be conducted in their home. Karla was confused her house had no visible signs of mold but in desperation she gave us a call after seeing our $85 mold assessment ad. We conducted a visual inspection first and no visible mold was present but we did notice water stains in Karmen’s bedroom, and Karla informed us they had leaks in the roof months back. Based on all this information we determined an air test was going to be the best option in determining if any mold was present in their home. We took a sample of the exterior air and a sample of the indoor air. The results were scary, not only did Karla’s home have mold but the test determined it was black mold. Karla then hired us to remove the black mold. We had the property evacuated and we conducted our remediation services. Once our work was completed we conducted more air testing in order to ensure the property was free of the toxic black mold and it was safe for the family to return home. When we contacted Karla and informed her it was safe to return home she was relieve and she informed us that her mother had felt better as soon as they left the home, she didn’t experience any irritation in her eyes, no more headaches, or trouble breathing. Two months later we followed up with Karla and her mother and we were happy to hear Karmen is healthy again.

Mold isn’t always visible, it can be located behind drywall, flooring, ceiling material, etc. If you think you have mold call a certified mold remediation company to test it for you.

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