Mold Growth Prevention Tips

Mold Growth Prevention Tips

Have you ever gone to look out a window only to notice the window was wet. That moisture you see is called condensation and it happens when warm air hits a cold surface in this case that surface is the windows in your home. Condensation can cause mold growth in your windows. Below are tips to reduce and eliminate that moisture build up on your windows.


Use bathroom and kitchen fans every time you bath or cook. Both of those activities release moisture into the air, and sometimes the moisture cannot escape from your house easily. Run the bathroom and kitchen fans 15-20 minutes after you bath or cook. Use ceiling fans, you want them to rotate clockwise in order to push warm air off of the ceiling back down to the floor. Open up your windows, this will eliminate some of the warm moist air in your house.

Raise the Temperature

Raising the temperature of the house slightly will help reduce the condensation in your windows. The use of blinds, curtains, or drapes will also help raise the window temperature.

Buy a Moisture Eliminator

Purchasing products such as DampRid will eliminate moisture. DampRid and other moisture eliminators come in bags you can hang or buckets you place on the floor, typically these products are placed in laundry rooms and closets. You can also use these products in your bathrooms and kitchen, or other places in your home that are humid.


Buy a Dehumidifier

Dehumidifiers come in a variety of sizes to suit different room sizes. With today’s technology dehumidifiers are able to turn off and on automatically to reach the desired humidity level in your home.

Keep in mind that mold growth is caused by moisture in order to prevent it, moisture must not be present. If you do come across mold in you windows or other areas in your home contact a mold assessor or remediator.

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