Mold Out of Sight

Mold Out of Sight

This past week we received a call from Ben in Anaheim he was concerned about a musty odor in one of the bedrooms in his home. He wasn’t sure how that odor was seeping in nor why it was only in that room. We assured Ben that we would get to the bottom of the smell. Once at his home and inside that bedroom we could agree with Ben that there was a musty odor present, we decided to do a mold inspection and collect air samples throughout the home for possible mold spores in the air. The visual mold inspection gave no indication of mold but the air samples results were frightening. Ben had mold and lots of it in the musty bedroom luckily the air samples for the remainder of the house came back negative. At this point we decided to use an infrared camera to check for possible mold not visible to the human eye. The camera detects if there is moisture inside of the walls. Moisture is needed for mold growth. We also use temperature measuring devices by knowing the temperature we are able to determine if the space promotes mold growth. The infrared camera indicated the flooring as an area of concern, it was determined that there was moisture present underneath the flooring. With this information we concluded the crawlspace needed to be inspected. Our founding we scary, the musty odor was amplified in the crawl space, rotting decaying wood, and mold was visible underneath the room of concern as well as a nearby bathroom. The plumbing running to the bathroom was leaking and spraying upwards toward the bedroom flooring causing the smell, mold growth, and wood decay. We created a remediation plan first item on our list was addressing the leak. A license plumber went to Ben’s home and replace the leaking plumbing. The second order of business was addressing the mold and decaying wood. We removed all mold contaminated materials and damaged wood replacing them with new non-contaminated materials. Once we completed these steps we focused on the bedroom and addressing the musty odor. We placed HEPA air purifiers to clean the air, within a few hours the air in the crawl space and bedroom was different the musty odor had diminished. We concluded our remediation with a second round of air samples, the results this time around came back negative no mold was present in the home.

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