Mold Tape Sampling

Mold Tape Sampling

We recently received a call from James, a homeowner in Los Angeles, regarding mold testing. He heard one of his neighbors got mold testing done and the results came back positive, he wanted to get his unit checked out especially the wall between his unit and his neighbors. Upon our initial inspection, there was no visible mold nor moisture present so we determined to use a surface test known as tape sampling. There are three kinds of methods used for mold testing:


  • Air Test- with the use of special equipment the concentration of mold spores in an air space are measured. This test can detect mold even if it is not visible.
  • Surface Test- with the use of swabs, tape sampling, and other methods potential mold surfaces are tested to find the amount of mold growth and spores deposited. Surface tests are effective but unlike air test the exact concentration of mold spores in an air space cannot be measured.
  • Bulk Testing- involves collecting piece(s) of material and examining them under a microscope for mold spores. Bulk tests can determine if a mold problem is present and give an idea of the concentration of mold particles.

Tape sampling is quite common due to its accuracy and the valuable information one obtains from this test. Here at LA Mold Removal we use clear cellophane tape to directly sample areas of concern, such as wall, base boards, and other hard surfaces. We place the tape adhesive against the surface to collect the sample and send it to the lab for analysis. Once the lab analysis the sample a report is generates with the king of mold species of, the degree of contamination, and the potential for airborne spore production. We conducted the sampling on the shared wall between James and his neighbor and luckily his results came back negative and the potential for airborne spore production was in a normal range.

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