How Mold Testing Work

How Mold Testing Work

Are you considering a mold inspection or mold testing but don’t know if you need one or how it all works? Don’t worry you’re not alone. Often times when we are called to a property for a mold inspection or testing the home owner or property manager suspects they have mold and call us, LA Mold Removal, to have one of our experts confirm or deny their suspicions.  Once at the property we ask our client what suspension lead them to call us and we determine which of the following testing methods suits their needs:

Air test- are conducted using special equipment to measure the concentration of mold spores in an air space. This test can detect mold even if it is not visible. We take air samples of exterior and interior of the property. Why? Because mold spores in the air are a natural occurrence and we want to determine what the standard level of mold spores outside the property are. We compare the exterior mold spores to the interior mold spores and if the interior sample comes back higher we have a positive mold test.

Surface test are conducted with the use of swabs, tape lifting, and other methods potential mold surfaces are tested to find the amount of mold growth and spores deposited. These tests are effective but unlike air test the concentration of mold spores in an air space cannot be measured we can only determine if there is mold present or not.

During our mold inspections, we determine whether one or both of our testing measures is needed. If you have questions or believe you need mold testing done don’t hesitate to call us. We’ve are mold certified experts, with over 35+ years in the business servicing residential and commercial areas all over LA and Orange County.

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