Safe Non-Chemical Mold Removal and Repair

Safe Non-Chemical Mold Removal and Repair

testingMost homeowners’ first concern when discovering mold in their home is the health hazard, whether it be from the mold itself or the chemicals used to eradicate the mold infestations. That worry may be even greater if the household includes children and/or pets. If you are knowledgable about the different kinds of chemicals used to do away with mold, you can see how some homeowners may have reservations about the process. Even the old adage of using bleach can cause a health hazard if not applied in a safe manner. That is why it’s imperative to call a professional you can trust.

Earlier this week a client called requesting our standard $85 mold inspection for their home in Whittier. After a thorough inspection of the suspicious area, we found a large mold infestation that spread into the downstairs closet. Like most homeowners, their main concern was if the use of any chemicals used to remove the mold would be harmful to their family, dog and two cats. This is where Home Pro’s expertise excels other mold service providers and we were able to bring the homeowner’s frets to rest. We provided our safe non-chemical Cryonite Freezing Process as an alternative to the common chemical and moldicide process. This non-chemical approach uses safe CO2 gas to freeze the mold on contact and eradicate the infestation. This non-chemical treatment is not only safe but also very economical.

Here at Home Pro Environmental we were very pleased to have been able to free this customer of mold and concerns for the health of their family in a safe way while still being easy on the pocket. Give us a call anytime to schedule your $85 certified mold inspection directly at 562-818-6946.

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