The Garage is Covered in Mold

The Garage is Covered in Mold

On Monday we got an emergency call from Ian, a realtor in Hollywood, who’s home buyers discovered mold in the garage of the property they were going to purchase. This lovely couple had searched high and low for their dream home and came across this property and instantly fell head over heels. They wanted to make an offer right away that was until they reached the garage. It was covered in mold! The walls and ceilings were covered in the mossy black stuff. Ian told the buyers not to worry that this could be fixed and called us immediately. He informed us he was referred by another agent in his office, who hired us for our mold remediation services on her home back in January.

When we spoke to Ian on Monday and he was relieved we offered emergency mold remediation services and came highly recommended. Our LA Mold Removal experts went out to the property that same day to do an assessment of the mold and come up with an action plan. First, we found the cause of the mold, which was a small leak in the ceiling from a corroded broken pipe. Step two in our mold remediation plan for this property was to replace the pipe in the ceiling to prevent further leaking and future mold growth. Then, we determined that due to the severity of the mold infestation all the drywall and ceiling materials had to be removed and disposed appropriately. Afterwards we began the dry out process with the use of dehumidifiers, a HEPA 500 HEPA Air Purifier, and both standard Typhoon 3-speed air mover and Viking PDS-21 pressurized wall drying system to ensure no moisture was present. Once we ensured the garage was completely dry we treated with Concrobium Broad Spectrum anti-microbial solution to remove mold and fungus contamination from the structure and ceiling. Once the affected areas have been treated we began the repair process. We replaced all the drywall and ceiling materials with new none mold contaminated materials and painted. In a matter of three days the moldy garage was mold free and we presented a final Clearance report insuring our work. With that in hand the potential home owners were relieved and made an offer on their dream home.

Stories like these are common for us, our mold remediation services aid home owners all over the Los Angeles County. We as experts and trained professionals understand the risks and dangers associated with mold and how to combat them. If you have mold or suspect mold on your property do not hesitate to call us.

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