Water Damage and Restoration Claims

Water Damage and Restoration Claims

Here at LA Mold Removal we’ve been in the Water Damage and Restoration business for 35+ years. We’ve worked on hundreds of homes and the homeowners that are face with the hardship of water damage. As Water Damage and Restoration experts we are highly experienced and work with insurance companies handling claims. When we receive that initial destress call from our clients they have many questions and one of the biggest concerns is who is going to pay. Below we answer frequently asked questions we receive regarding home insurance and water damage.


Will my insurance cover it?

The main determining factor of whether your insurance company will cover the damage or not is the source of the damage. What caused the water damage, was it a natural disaster such as an earthquake or flooding. Insurance companies also want to determine if preventative measures were taken. These two factors dictate if the insurance company will cover a claim


How can I avoid my claim being denied?

There are certain things one can do to avoid their claim being denied. First and foremost, selecting the right policy for you, make sure you understand what your policy covers and excludes, as well as your responsibilities as a homeowner. Do your research and ask questions about the protections and extras that may be beneficial to you.

Do regular maintenance on your home. By doing so you can prevent costly surprises. Make sure you maintain records of any repairs, maintenance, or work you get done on your property. These records come in handy in the event of a loss or when filing a claim.


What if my claim is denied?

There are instances when insurance companies find they are not responsible and deny a claim. But there are things you can do to combat this. First, get informed ask for an explanation as to why the claim was denied, and ask them where exactly in your policy this explanation is given. If you still have doubts or do not understand why the claim isn’t covered, ask for a review or second opinion. Lastly, if you are certain that the claim should have been covered or that something is wrong, consider getting a second opinion by a professional, contact an advocacy organization, or contact your state insurance commissioner for guidance or to file a complaint.


Why would my water damage claim be denied?

Often we see that claims are denied because the homeowner had knowledge of the problem or failed to take action to avoid or repair the issue. For example, if there has been a long ongoing leak and the homeowner failed to prevent the issue with maintenance or proper repairs the insurance company may reject the claim. Other times the homeowner is missed informed as to what their policy covers. They believe there are covered for water damage caused by a natural disaster and are surprised after the fact to learn that they are not covered.


If you are in need of Water Damage and Restoration experts call LA Mold Removal today. We work with insurance companies on a regular basis and can help you submit your claim properly.

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